Welcome to STARSTICKS!

Star Sticks is an Ukrainian manufacturer of drum sticks, training pads, cases and accessories for drummers

The company was founded in 2013, that is when the dream was born! The dream about the high-quality and affordable product. The key reason for this project was a desire and an objective need to provide the local drummers with the quality product and give them an opportunity to buy such a vital product as drum sticks!

Star Sticks is an authentic Ukrainian brand. All goods are produced on the territory of Ukraine. Raw materials and components are gathered from all corners of our country.

During the history of its existence, our company is constantly working on the development and improvement of the production technologies. Wood selection, proper drying, the severe product selection at the finishing sorting are the rules allowed us to create the truly high-quality drum sticks.

We managed to win trust among many professional musicians of Ukraine. Though our company is very young, we have already entered the international market. Hence, the drummers from Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, the United States of America, Brazil, and Slovenia have already tested and approved our product!

 At the present moment, the following series of sticks are available on sale:

  • Series "Classic"- traditional models made of the Ukrainian hornbeam and the American Hickory.
  • Series "Signature" - personal author’s models of our most famous endorsers.
  • Series "Neon"- sticks covered with the fluorescent paint to glow in the dark under the  ultraviolet light only.
  • Series "Marching" - drum sticks designed for marches.

For the production of these series, the densest and the most solid parts of wood are selected. No knee timber or knots are used.

In contrast to the principal brand, our company has created a product line called "Western Wood"- affordable, high-quality, and very reliable drum sticks. They are a perfect match for those who mind their budget. "Western Wood" drum sticks have the minor cosmetic defects that do not affect their playability.

We are open to cooperation

Ukrainian manufacturer Star Sticks is interested in the trade cooperation with the distributors all over the world. We are also eager to build the strong relations with the artists for the purpose of creating the author’s models.


Worldwide Dealers and distributors:

Skype: starsticks.ua
Tel/Viber/WhatsApp/. +38 (067) 007-66-74
E-mail:  starsticks.sales.ua@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/StarSticksFactory



Star Sticks are open for signing up the contracts of endorsement with the drummers from all over the world.
The factory also aims at the realization of the drummers’ creative ideas.
We develop and produce the author’s models in compliance with the technical requirements prompted by the drummers.
Please, contact us if you are interested in signing up a contract or sharing your ideas with us.
Project manager - Artem Seleznev
E-mail: starsticks.ua@gmail.com